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Jumpering for chariddeeee

12 December 2014

So today was Christmas Jumper Day in work, well it was for us anyway - all in aid of Save The Children ( / - although at time of writing the site seems to...

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The after shock

26 September 2014

A vulnerability called “Shellshock” has come to light that is making the headlines. In the wake of Heartbleed earlier in the year, this one affects many more systems and has a much...

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Going walkabout

19 September 2014

When I joined 3DMarComms nearly 2 years ago I was looking for a new challenge and a change of scenery from Timber windows and glass. I remember sitting in my interview being asked to explain...

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Living up to HARBOUR's strapline for Redrow

27 August 2014

When you’ve been building award-wining homes for 40 years, you’re definitely doing something right. From the quality of the design and the construction, to the customer service that...

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Keeping it real with Harris and Hoole

24 July 2014

Ever heard of Harris and Hoole? Or H+H? If you haven’t, you soon will, as their coffee shops are coming to a town near you. They’re a family affair (it’s a case of “meet...

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Recfest 2014 - the post mortem

18 June 2014

Thursday 12th June saw our very first "marketing style" outing when we took the position of Key Sponsor at the Reconverse RecFest 2014 event. It was a full day in central London with...

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