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Keeping it real with Harris and Hoole

24 July 2014

Ever heard of Harris and Hoole? Or H+H? If you haven’t, you soon will, as their coffee shops are coming to a town near you. They’re a family affair (it’s a case of “meet...

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Recfest 2014 - the post mortem

18 June 2014

Thursday 12th June saw our very first "marketing style" outing when we took the position of Key Sponsor at the Reconverse RecFest 2014 event. It was a full day in central London with...

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RecFest. It's our kind of gig.

10 June 2014

When I say that RecFest is our kind of gig, I’m not meaning to be flippant. I’m so bloomin’ excited about this event you wouldn’t believe it. It’s an event with a...

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No longer blagging it.... just blogging it

30 May 2014

So I’ve been here a few weeks now and still loving every minute, I’m seeing firsthand how the nuts and bolts are developed and implemented with the occasional curve ball. ...

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One week in at 3D MarComms

15 May 2014

Julie joined us this week as an Account Manager. Not quite a week in she was asked to feedback as to what she'd learned so far. This is something she wrote. We loved it and thought it too good...

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Itís not always all about ATS

24 April 2014

The great things about working from a very flexible platform is that it allows you to do things that aren’t the every day. Don’t get me wrong – we do this a-plenty for our ATS...

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